Sunday, September 9, 2012

Missing relatives

I would like to ask some questions about the family Micallef, originally from Malta. The name we are tracing is Rogiero Antonio Micallef. During the Italian colonial period, Mr Micallef left Malta for the port of Massawa, Eritrea. He lived in Massawa for a while and then went to Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. It is not known how long he lived in Asmara.
After a while he went to live in Keren where he met an Eritrean woman and married her; he had six children from that marriage. The name of his wife was Bekita Drar and it was also sometimes referred to as Leteiyesus Drar. The last name was her Catholic name.
His children were Rosina Micallef, Carmella Micallef, Angelica Micallef, Antonio Micallef, Ernesto Micallef and Mathilde Micallef. His grandchildren are Michael Antonio Micallef, Vitorio Antonio Micallef, Augostino Antonio Micallef, Andrea Antonio Micallef, Mario Antonio Micallef, Anna Antonio Micallef, Ellena Antoni Micallef, Santina Antonio Micallef and Roma Antoni Micallef.
The grandchildren of Ernesto are Guissepe Ernesto Micallef, Salvatore Ernesto Micallef, Stefano Ernesto Micallef, Maria Ernesto Micallef and Margareta Antoni Micallef. The rest of his children had no grandchildren. His children were Italian nationals and are registered as Catholics in the Catholic church of St Antonio di Padova in Keren.
Mr Micallef worked as a gardener in Keren where he was also an interpreter. In 1940-1941 war broke out between Italy and Britain. The British defeated the Italians and ruled Eritrea for 10 years. Then the Eritreans asked their freedom but instead of that Eritrea was merged with Ethiopia. The Eritreans fought for their independence for 30 years and won it in 1991.
The family Micallef would like to know more about their families in Malta. Our contact details are as follows: Saint Anthony Catholic Parish Church, P.O. Box 30, Keren, Eritrea. Tel: 00291 1 402630 or 00291 1 401044; Fax: 00291 1 402630.

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