Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2 Eritrean military officers defected to Saudi Arabia

An official source at the Ministry of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General that yesterday afternoon, entered the atmosphere Kingdom plane Eritrean vertical-type "17 M" Russian-made, where the commander of the aircraft distress call to airport Jazan, then the plane landed safely in northern region of Jizan, was ensuring the safety of the aircraft .

The pilot requested and assistant political asylum .. The investigation is still going on to find out the real reasons for the decline.

The helicopter landed Army War Eritrean suddenly boy in Jazan province yesterday, and in between the village Algra and DOE city. The pilot requested and his assistant and two officers of the armed forces Eritrean first lieutenant political asylum to the kingdom.
According to the newspaper "Al-Watan" Saudi Arabia, the captain and his assistant officers in the Eritrean army with the rank of lieutenant. The male they were fugitives from working in the Eritrean armed forces, and wanted political asylum in Saudi Arabia.

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