Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eritrean boats shot fire at Yemeni fishermen

Eritrean boats pursued Yemeni fishermen inside Yemen's terrestrial water, shot fire at them and seized four Yemeni boats, a website of the Yemeni Interior Ministry said.  
The website said that the Eritrean navy entered the Yemeni territorial water, pointing out that two fishermen were rescued by Yemeni fishing boats after their boat was shot by Eritrean forces.  
The Eritrean authorities have confiscated during the past three months more than 100 Yemeni fishing boats in the international territorial water and took them to Fatima Island.
Chairman of the General Fishery Association in al-Hodeidah Omar Ebrahim said that about 700 Yemeni fishermen were on these boats, pointing out that some fishermen were released and some others are still detained.
Al-Jonaid stressed that there are some other boats were not reported about, blaming the Yemeni authorities for silence about such violations committed by Eretria.

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