Sunday, May 19, 2013

WHO Representatives Laud Eritrea's Accomplishments in Combating Malaria

Reports indicated that Eritrea's accomplishments in combating malaria have been applauded by WHO representatives at a joint meeting with the Ministry of Health that was conducted yesterday here in Asmara.
Speaking at the meeting during which various reports were presented by both institutions, Dr. Andebirhan Tesfatsion, Acting head of public health at the head office, explained that effective programs were implemented over the past 15 years targeting malaria prevention. He also indicated that assessment of previous programs is a stepping stone towards attaining further achievement.
In a report he presented at the meeting, Dr. Kalu Akapaka from the WHO pointed out that the morbidity rate of malaria in Eritrea stood at 60,000 in the year 1998, which figure has now dropped to hundreds, enabling the nation to hold exemplary image in this regard at continental level. He also called on pertinent bodies and the citizenry to enhance integrated endeavors as regards eradication of the disease.
Moreover, the participants of the meeting conducted in-depth discussion on the basis of an assessment report.
In closing remarks, Mr. Berhane Gebretinsae, Director General of medical service at the Ministry, noted the vitality of precise assessment pertaining to malaria control, and lauded the meeting's outcome to this end.

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