Monday, June 10, 2013

Swiss 'back' stricter asylum law

Switzerland a country which is a shelter for more than 18,000 Eritrean refugees had made new & stricter asylum law for Eritreans.  

The Swiss have held a referendum on a government move to tighten the country's asylum law amid a spike in refugees, with early results and opinion polls suggesting a vote in favour.
Shortly after polling stations closed on Sunday at noon (1000 GMT), nine of Switzerland's 23 cantons had accepted changes made to the asylum law last September, according to results given by public broadcaster RTS. The most recent poll in late May showed 57 percent of Swiss in favour of the tougher asylum rules.
The amendments included removing military desertion from a list of valid grounds for seeking asylum in Switzerland Military desertion had been the grounds for asylum most frequently cited by Eritreans, who accounted for most applications to Switzerland last year. Eritrea imposes unlimited military service, with low wages, on all able-bodied men and women.
The revision, which took effect last September, also removed the possibility - which had been unique in Europe - to apply for asylum from Swiss embassies instead of travelling to Switzerland to do so. Opponents have described the change as  "inhumane".
Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga insisted the changes were needed and stressed that they have significantly speeded up the application process.
"Leaving people and their families for so long wallowing in uncertainty is unacceptable," she said recently.
Switzerland currently counts 48,000 people in the process of seeking asylum, including 28,631 who arrived in 2012.
The surge, attributed in part to the Arab Spring uprisings, marks the highest number since the Balkans war in 1999, when nearly 48,000 people sought refuge in the country.


  1. we eritreans we can always look for better solution
    and we can make it

  2. 48000 people does not equal 48000 Eritreans! there are around 17000 Eritreans in Switzerland

  3. the number you have stated above is not proportional to around 18000 Eritreans instead it implies to all the people who came from around the world which are sought asylum in Switzerland their application is in process and the Swiss Government wants to shorten the procedure process. i hope you will stand correct

  4. Nikid Eritrea TrayJune 13, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    This is, because on going committing crime against Eritrean children and women by the EYSC on the communities

  5. kab behaliu s degamiu kitihusuwuna ekum nisukum eti kutsri keman zefeletkayo kindey sdetenatat kem zelewu ab swiss ! harishin hasawn endafokose yfekus hgi Kea hgdef kitfekusu ekum ab swiss tekawemti mikial endikum sienkumom ezi bzuh tzarebu zelekum kikewn aykielin u!

  6. the news is right but the number of refugee in wrong its not 48,000 its 18,000

  7. yes only 18,000 in swiss

  8. Dear bro are you sure about the statistics ? It would be better if it can with 18,000 corrected .Thanks for your info.

  9. 48000 people does not equal 48000 Eritreans! there are around 17000 Eritreans in Switzerland.

  10. u need to understand it correctlly , they dont mean there are 48,000 eritreans this number is for all asylum sikers who are currently in process.

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